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Questions to Ask

If you've been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, there are several key questions that you should ask your heart doctor during your next visit. These questions will ensure that you and your doctor have discussed your major risk factors so that you can become or stay as healthy as possible.

  • Are there any foods I should avoid because of atrial fibrillation?
  • What is causing my atrial fibrillation?
  • What type of atrial fibrillation do I have (e.g., paroxysmal, persistent, permanent)?
  • What kind of activities can I perform and what should I avoid?
  • Is my atrial fibrillation hereditary?
  • Has my heart been weakened by the atrial fibrillation?
  • What medicines should I take to control my heart rate?
  • What medicines can I take to control my heart rhythm?
  • If my heart returns to the normal rhythm, can I stop my blood thinners?
  • Should I have a procedure to restore a normal heartbeat?
  • Do I need blood thinners to avoid a stroke? What kind (e.g., aspirin, warfarin, dabigatran, rivaroxaban)?
  • Will I still feel symptoms even if I am taking medicines for atrial fibrillation?
  • If I take a medicine or have a procedure, what are the odds that it will work?
  • The shock treatment (cardioversion) returned my heart to the normal rhythm but the atrial fibrillation is back. Is there anything I can do?
  • My heartbeat is no longer fast but I still feel tired and short of breath. Is there a next step?
  • Last Edited 09/30/2015