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Women and Heart Disease

If you are a woman – or care for one – listen up!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in America. Each year, heart disease and related risk factors are missed in women. Symptoms of coronary artery disease and heart attack, for example, can be different in women than in men. Women are also less likely to receive the recommended treatment for certain heart conditions.

If you’re like most women, you’re probably so busy taking care of everyone else, your own well-being and health tends to fall last. But you need to make your heart’s health a priority and encourage other women to do the same.

Even though heart disease tends to strike later in life, it can happen at any age. Unfortunately, more events are happening in women younger than 50, especially Black women and Hispanic women. There are things about being a woman that can make you more prone to heart problems (for example, certain health problems during pregnancy, treatment of breast cancer, menopause and hormones).

Learn about your risk for heart disease and what you can do to lower your chance of developing it. You can help protect your heart by adopting heart-healthy habits – for example, by exercising, eating right, getting enough rest, not smoking, and focusing on your health in general.

If you already have heart disease, you’re in good company – millions of women are living with some form of heart disease, and they can provide a wealth of advice to help on your journey. Remember that prevention, early and accurate diagnosis, and treatment are critical.

Use this resource to learn more about coronary artery disease in women, keep up with the latest research and get tips for staying healthy.

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