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Putting Research Into Context

A new study finds that people with heart disease…”

It is nearly impossible to listen to the evening news, scan the Internet or pick up a newspaper without hearing about the latest medical study. Even though these studies can make big headlines, most of us are left wondering what, if anything, it means to us or a loved one.

It's important to know that clinical studies are rarely definitive. One study is just that. If anything, each study raises new questions and suggests future areas of investigation. Research may support earlier findings or have vastly different results, so the chapter is never closed.

That’s why, even if a treatment is found to be very effective, most authors still call for more research to better understand the intervention—who might benefit, if there are side effects, how it can be applied in practice and more.

CardioSmart provides easy-to-understand summaries of research into the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heart conditions. This page offers pointers to help you make sense of scientific studies and wade through health information found online.

  • Last Edited 09/17/2019