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Lifestyle changes may include:

  • Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight – if you are considered overweight, losing 10% of your body weight can make a big difference. So if you weigh 200 pounds, your goal might be to lose 20 pounds over a period of time.
  • Being active – aim to get 30 minutes of exercise every day (or 210 minutes per week); choose an activity you enjoy and gets your heart pumping.
  • Limiting alcohol or avoiding it altogether
  • Quit smoking or don’t start – there are resources and medications to help you quit.
  • Taking medication(s) as directed and managing other conditions, especially diabetes and high blood pressure 
  • Lowering stress so you feel more able to cope, stay positive and make healthy choices
  • Diagnosing and treating obstructive sleep apnea
  • Last Edited 11/30/2023