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Questions to Ask

Before starting androgen deprivation therapy, it is important to talk with your doctor about factors that increase your chance of developing heart disease or making existing heart disease worse.

Together with your care team, you will develop a plan about how to lower your risks. Here are some questions you might ask your health care team.

  • What are my heart disease risk factors?
  • What is my specific heart disease risk? For example, is it low, moderate, or high?
  • If my heart risk factors aren't under good control, what can I do to better control them?
  • If I already have heart disease, am I on the best medical therapy?
  • Besides a history and physical examination, what other tests should I have before starting androgen deprivation therapy?
  • After starting androgen deprivation therapy, what kind of follow-up evaluation will I have to assess whether I have heart and blood vessel problems?

Additional questions:

  • What about my medical history could affect my risk of heart damage?
  • What are my risk factors for heart damage?
  • What types of heart tests might I need before, during, or after my cancer treatment?
  • What medications can be used to protect my heart during cancer treatment?
  • Should I see a cardiologist or cardio-oncologist?
  • What resources are available for cancer survivors who are at risk for or have been affected by cardiotoxicity?
  • Last Edited 09/30/2019