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It is important to talk with your health care team about how you are feeling and share concerns along the way. 

Questions to ask:

  • Will any cancer treatments I receive harm my heart?
  • What types of heart problems should we be watching for during or after cancer treatment? Are there certain signs and symptoms I need to report?
  • What steps can be taken to lower the chance that these treatments will do lasting damage to my heart?
  • Should I be seeing a cardiologist or cardio-oncologist?
  • Do we need to be more aggressive in trying to control other risk factors I have for heart disease? Are there heart medications I should be taking?
  • How will my heart function be checked over time?
  • Does the damage from certain cancer treatments improve over time? How?
  • Should I discuss my cancer history when talking about my general heart health with my doctors in the future?
  • Can you provide a complete list of treatments I received for my cancer?
  • Last Edited 03/15/2023