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Studies in cancer patients have shown that regular exercise or physical activity can help prevent deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD). For example, survivors of breast cancer and Hodgkin's lymphoma who did at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity had a 23% and 51% reduction in cardiovascular events respectively compared with those who did less.

This research suggests that you do not need to be running marathons to benefit from exercise! In general, moving more is good for your heart health. 

What is Physical Activity?

Physical activity is defined as anything that makes you move your body and burns calories, such as gardening or playing a sport.

What is Exercise?

Exercise is a type of physical activity that is planned and structured. It aims to improve or maintain your physical fitness and health.

Although exercise is good for most people, how you exercise will depend on some factors, such as your health, goals and overall fitness level.

  • Last Edited 03/15/2023