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If part of your cancer treatment involves chemotherapy, you may wonder how your treatment may affect your heart. Here are some questions to consider asking at your next health visit.

  • What symptoms might be a sign of cardiotoxicity? When should I call my cancer team right away?
  • What type of heart monitoring will I receive during my chemotherapy?
  • What about my medical history could affect my risk of heart damage?
  • What are my risk factors for heart damage?
  • What types of heart tests might I need before, during, or after my cancer treatment?
  • What medications can be used to protect my heart during cancer treatment?
  • What steps can I take to help reduce my risk of developing cardiotoxicity?
  • What other treatments will I receive for my tumor?
  • Should I see a cardiologist or cardio-oncologist?
  • What resources are available for cancer survivors who are at risk for or have been affected by cardiotoxicity?
  • Last Edited 03/15/2023