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Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, HFpEF, is one type of heart failure. If you have HFpEF:

  • Your heart's pumping ability is normal, or what is called "preserved." Ejection fraction is a measure of how much blood the heart pumps out with each beat.
  • But the muscle is stiff and can't relax to fill with enough blood. As a result, less blood full of oxygen and nutrients is pumped out to your body. With HFpEF, the pressure inside the heart also increases. This can make you feel short of breath and can push fluid into places it shouldn't be (for example, your lungs, belly, or legs).

The good news is that heart failure can be managed – and there are now more treatments for HFpEF than ever before. Proper treatment can help you feel better and live longer.

Use this action plan for managing HFpEF to write down information about your heart failure, your goals for treatment, questions, and the treatment options that you review with your health care team. You'll also find worksheets to track your medications, symptoms, and how heart failure is affecting your life.

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  • Last Edited 06/22/2022