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What You Should Know About Heart Medications

News about COVID-19 and heart medications may have caused you to wonder about the medications you take.  

Simply put: It is important to keep taking your medications as directed. The medicines you take for your heart and other health conditions such as blood clots, diabetes, kidney disease or depression, can help keep these conditions under control and prevent problems. 

We are still learning about COVID-19, but there is no evidence right now that heart medications make you more likely to get COVID-19 or become seriously ill from it. 

In fact, stopping your medications might cause more harm than catching COVID-19. Your medications help prevent heart attacks, dangerous heart rhythms, strokes, and other complications.

Stay on your medications unless told otherwise by your care team. And always remember to check with them before making any changes to your treatment. 

To learn more about recent research, go to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) news page

  • Last Edited 03/26/2021