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There are three main ways you can become infected:

  • Breathing in air when a person with the virus coughs, sneezes or even talks within 6 feet of you (that’s about two arm lengths).
    • Having small droplets and particles that contain virus land on the eyes, nose, or mouth; for example, through a cough or sneeze.
    • Touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands.

    People who live in close quarters (for example, nursing homes or long-term care facilities) or have close contact with another person whether it be at work, school or hugging, are also more likely to get sick. Anyone can spread COVID-19 – even if they don’t have symptoms.

    Experts say it is possible to get sick if you touch a surface with the virus and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes. But this isn’t the main way the virus spreads.

    • Last Edited 06/06/2022