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Why Has My Test or Procedure Been Delayed?

To handle the expected surge of patients with COVID-19, most hospitals and practices have postponed non-urgent tests and procedures. 

Many of these decisions have been guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 

Putting off some tests and procedures during this crisis can help:

  • Reduce the spread of COVID-19 overall by having fewer patients and visitors
  • Protect you and care teams from exposure to people who may be carrying the virus
  • Conserve medical supplies, so they can be used to care for patients who are severely ill
  • Ease the strain on the health care system to help care for people with COVID-19 and other emergencies, including heart attacks and strokes 

Postponing a test or procedure may make you feel uneasy, especially if it has been on the calendar for a while. You may be worried about how this delay might affect your health or options for care. 

Rest assured that: 

  • Tests or procedures are being delayed only if the condition is not considered urgent or life-threatening
  • Your health care team will do all they can to help you manage your condition and any symptoms you have during this time 
  • Last Edited 05/28/2020