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Patient Voices: Living With HCM

For many people living with HCM, talking to others with the condition to share stories and advice is an important step.

Hear from people with HCM as they talk about their experiences and explain the importance of screening family members, staying upbeat, building trust, and living your life. 

Screening family members

It's not always easy to have conversations about conditions that are passed down in families, but it’s really important to make sure that treatment for HCM is started as early as possible if someone you love has it. Remember, HCM can look and feel different – even among people who are related.

Staying upbeat

Find ways to keep a positive outlook and manage stress and feelings of depression. The right mindset can help motivate you to take the steps to care for yourself, ease your symptoms, and make you feel better. 

Building Trust

Opening up to your health care team can help tailor your treatment plan. Also, knowing the risks and benefits of each treatment you’re offered will help ensure you pick the right treatment for you. 

Living Your Life

Talk about what you value with your care team so you can find ways to stay connected with the things that matter to you.

  • Last Edited 02/24/2022

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