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Every week our cardiologists review the most recent advances in cardiovascular medicine and select news to share with you. Here you will find summaries of some of the latest research news about heart failure. Share these articles with your friends and family via social media, print items you’d like to discuss with your care team, or add them to your toolbox to read later.

Women with Heart Failure Face Greater Risk of Death After Surgery than Men

Women tend to fare better after surgery, except in study patients with heart failure. 

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Wearable Monitors Show Promise for Heart Failure Management

Smartwatches and other wearable devices may be the future of heart failure management.

Diet Soda and Sugary Drinks May Affect Lifespan, Study Finds

Two or more sodas a day shown to increase risk of death in nearly half a million Europeans.

Consumption of Plant-Based Proteins Could Add Years to Your Life

Study suggests that we eat plenty of plant-based foods, while limiting red and processed meat.

Not All Plant-Based Foods are Created Equal

Just because a food is vegetarian does not mean it promotes health and longevity. 

Heart Failure in Young Adults

Study finds that young patients with heart failure face lower risk of death but poorer quality of life than the elderly.

Being Overweight and Obese Damages Heart Muscle

Swedish study links carrying excess weight to a weaker heart and heart failure later in life.

Experts Provide Guidance on Managing Diabetes and Heart Failure

Treating diabetes and heart failure together should be handled differently than managing each condition alone.

Coordinating Care for Patients with Heart Failure and Diabetes

Diabetes worsens outcomes for people with diastolic heart failure, highlighting the need for coordinated care. 

Flu Vaccination Boosts Survival for Patients with Heart Failure

The flu shot reduced risk of death by 18% in patients with heart failure, Danish study finds.

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Exercise is Recommended for Prevention and Management of Heart Failure

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps protect against heart failure and improve outcomes, explain experts.

Racial Health Disparities Persist at Hospitals Across the Country

Analysis of U.S. hospital data shows that systemic issues may be to blame for health care disparities.

Children Should Avoid Diet Drinks, Advise Experts

Experts can’t say with certainty that artificially sweetened drinks are safe, based on a recent advisory from the American Heart Association.

Health Literacy is Critical to Heart Disease Prevention

An American Heart Association statement addresses health literacy as a barrier to heart health. 

Loneliness is Bad for the Heart

A lack of social support is linked to poorer health outcomes in heart patients.

Protein-Rich Diet is Not Ideal for Heart Failure Prevention

Some animal-based proteins are linked with a higher likelihood of heart failure, suggests study of Finnish men.

Living Near Fast Food is Associated with Greater Risk for Heart Disease

Dutch study links easy access to fast food and increased risk for heart disease.

Cigarette Smoking Increases Heart Failure Risk in African-Americans

Mississippi study links cigarette smoking to poorer heart function.

California Wildfires Tied to Uptick in Heart Events

Statewide study shows increased heart-related hospital visits during the 2015 wildfire season.

Walking Helps Prevent Heart Failure in Older Women

Study links brisk walking for 40 minutes several times a week to reduced risk of heart failure.
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People with Heart Failure Can Benefit Greatly from the Flu Vaccine

The flu shot cuts mortality risk in half among patients with heart failure.
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Beta-Blockers May Prevent Heart Damage from Chemotherapy

Taking heart medication during chemotherapy can help minimize heart damage in breast cancer patients.

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Hospital Performance Closely Linked to Heart Failure Survival

Where you’re treated for heart failure matters, based on analysis of survival rates across hundreds of U.S. hospitals.