Heart Failure

Patients with heart failure have a lot of control over how they feel. Following some simple steps can help.

Heart failure is a serious, lifelong condition that requires careful management.

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If you have—or think you have—heart failure, it’s normal to feel scared. But you’re not alone. More than 5.7 million Americans have heart failure.

Contrary to how it sounds, heart failure does not mean that your heart has stopped beating. It refers to a number of conditions that can affect the way the heart works and/or its structure. Over time, heart failure makes it harder and harder for the heart to pump enough blood and oxygen to meet your body’s needs. That’s why most people with heart failure get short of breath, especially when they are active. Even climbing the stairs or carrying groceries may leave you winded. Of course, your symptoms will depend on the type of heart failure you have.

Because it’s a lifelong condition, you must take an active role in your care to stay well. The more informed and equipped you are to manage heart failure, the better you may feel. Use this condition center to learn more about heart failure. You can also chat online with other people like you, keep up with the latest research, and get tips to help you feel your best.

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Top CardioSmart News Articles of 2018

Dec 13, 2018

This year's most read patient summaries worth a second look.

Exercise is Recommended for Prevention and Management of Heart Failure

Dec 12, 2018
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps protect against heart failure and improve outcomes, explain experts.

Racial Health Disparities Persist at Hospitals Across the Country

Sep 20, 2018

Analysis of U.S. hospital data shows that systemic issues may be to blame for health care disparities.

Children Should Avoid Diet Drinks, Advise Experts

Aug 15, 2018

Experts can’t say with certainty that artificially sweetened drinks are safe, based on a recent advisory from the American Heart Association.

Health Literacy is Critical to Heart Disease Prevention

Jun 29, 2018
An American Heart Association statement addresses health literacy as a barrier to heart health. 

Loneliness is Bad for the Heart

Jun 29, 2018
A lack of social support is linked to poorer health outcomes in heart patients.

Protein-Rich Diet is Not Ideal for Heart Failure Prevention

Jun 05, 2018

Some animal-based proteins are linked with a higher likelihood of heart failure, suggests study of Finnish men.

Living Near Fast Food is Associated with Greater Risk for Heart Disease

May 15, 2018

Dutch study links easy access to fast food and increased risk for heart disease.

Cigarette Smoking Increases Heart Failure Risk in African-Americans

May 10, 2018
Mississippi study links cigarette smoking to poorer heart function.

California Wildfires Tied to Uptick in Heart Events

May 09, 2018
Statewide study shows increased heart-related hospital visits during the 2015 wildfire season.

Walking Helps Prevent Heart Failure in Older Women

Apr 24, 2018
Study links brisk walking for 40 minutes several times a week to reduced risk of heart failure.
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People with Heart Failure Can Benefit Greatly from the Flu Vaccine

Apr 23, 2018
The flu shot cuts mortality risk in half among patients with heart failure.
Heart Failure

Matters of the Heart: Managing Heart Failure

Apr 09, 2018
If you have heart failure, watch this video for tips about how to manage your condition.
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Beta-Blockers May Prevent Heart Damage from Chemotherapy

Apr 04, 2018

Taking heart medication during chemotherapy can help minimize heart damage in breast cancer patients.

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Hospital Performance Closely Linked to Heart Failure Survival

Mar 26, 2018

Where you’re treated for heart failure matters, based on analysis of survival rates across hundreds of U.S. hospitals.

Breast Cancer Therapies Increase Heart Risks, Experts Warn

Feb 23, 2018

A statement from the American Heart Association highlights a close link between breast cancer and heart disease.

Study Explores Key Factors that Affect Heart Failure Risk

Feb 20, 2018

Study shows that sex, race and history of heart attack have an impact on heart failure risk.

Safety Precautions for Heart Patients Traveling to High Altitudes

Feb 04, 2018
Experts offer advice on activity levels and taking medications.

Exercise Could Prevent Heart Failure in Sedentary Middle-Aged Adults

Jan 29, 2018
Physical activity has major heart-health benefits, even if you start moving more in middle age.

Living in a Poor Neighborhood Increases Heart Failure Risk

Jan 22, 2018
Where we live could have a direct impact on our heart function, study finds. 

Moderate Exercise Reduces Risk of Death in Women

Dec 14, 2017
A study of more than 17,000 women links physical activity to a longer, healthier life.

Medication Adherence Remains Challenging for Heart Patients

Dec 12, 2017
Taking medication as directed is critical to improving outcomes.
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Oct 31, 2017

Tell us how you are living well with heart disease for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

Moderate Drinking Lowers Risk of Heart Failure

Oct 19, 2017
An Italian study links up to two glasses of wine a day to reduced risk for heart failure.

A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Helps Keep the Mind Intact

Oct 16, 2017
Experts provide simple yet effective strategies for protecting cognitive health as we age.

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Although heart failure is a serious condition, it often can be managed with lifestyle changes and medication.

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