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Living an Active Lifestyle

Exercising is one of the single best ways to help improve your health. But many people feel that fitting in activity is not easy. Here you can find all the resources you’ll need to discover which kinds of exercise are right for you. There are tools and tips that can help you realize all of your fitness goals, whatever they may be. No matter how active you are or how active you want to be, we can help educate and lead you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness: Making It a Habit

Covers how to stick with an exercise or activity program once you have started. Offers tips on how to keep goals fresh and interest high. Describes what you need to do to stay active and motivated. Provides questions to help guide decision process.

Staying Active with Heart Disease

Heart Failure: Activity and Exercise

Tells how to exercise to improve health with congestive heart failure. Includes need for doctor's okay and exercise plan. Includes tips on physical activity like stretching, walking, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, and tai chi.

Infographic: Active Living

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