Diabetes and Heart Disease

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Managing diabetes is a team effort. You will likely be seen by a number of health professionals, and making sure everyone if on the same page is important.

Be sure to ask your health care team about how to best manage your risk of cardiovascular disease. Here are some questions you might consider asking during your next visit. 

  • How does Type 2 Diabetes change my risk for other diseases, including cardiovascular disease?
  • What changes can I make to prevent heart problems or stroke?
  • In addition to my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, what should I watch for?
  • Do I need to try to lose weight? How much?
  • Could medications help protect my heart?
  • How often should my heart health be checked? What tests would you recommend?
  • Could I benefit from seeing a nutritionist?
  • Should I keep taking my vitamins and supplements?
  • In addition to my A1C, are there other blood sugar tests that I’ll need?
  • I heard statins may cause diabetes. Is this true?
  • What support groups and resources are available to me?
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Infographic: Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk

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