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Living With Endocarditis

Endocarditis is not a contagious infection. If you have endocarditis, you don’t have to stay away from people. You can use household utensils, toys or clothes as any member of the family. Remember that treatment with antibiotics is very important. You have to finish the whole treatment, no matter how long it is, because the risk of the infection coming back increases if the treatment is incomplete.

Your medication can have some side effects, depending on what antibiotic your physician gives you. The risk of another infection depends on your risk factors.

You will need a follow up with blood tests and echocardiogram after you complete the treatment to make sure that the infection has cleared from your bloodstream and to check your heart valves.

After the infection clears and if the echocardiogram shows good results, you may go back to your normal life.
  • Last Edited 08/31/2017