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Discussion Guides

Discussion guides are booklets for clinicians to use with their patients at the point of care to talk about cardiovascular risk, diseases, treatment.  

Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Toolkit

The American College of Cardiology has created a set of tools to help clinicians talk with patients about diabetes and cardiovascular risk, as well as the heart-related benefits of two classes of antiglycemic medications. It includes tools to facilitate conversations with patients at the point of care. 

View the discussion guide What You and Your Patients Need to Know About Managing Diabetes and CV Risk. For a quick summary of important points, read 6 steps for Optimizing Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Among Patients With Diabetes.

Tools to Use With Your Patients

Peripheral Artery Disease

The discussion guide Talking With Patients About Peripheral Artery Disease is intended to help clinicians start a conversation about PAD with their patients.

The need for a practice-based guide surfaced during the American College of Cardiology’s “Antithrombotic Therapy for the Management of PAD and CAD Forum” on Dec. 11, 2018.  Some of the nation’s leading cardiologists, vascular specialists, primary care practitioners and patients talked about the need to increase awareness of PAD and the associated risks.

Clinicians can use the discussion guide and share the related tools with their patients to help improve PAD detection and treatment. 

PAD Resources for Your Patients

  • Last Edited 08/20/2021