For Clinicians

Designed to be an extension of the cardiac care team, CardioSmart delivers a network of tools and resources intended to educate and empower patients at each stage of their heart health journey.

CardioSmart in Practice: Examples of Usage Nationwide

CardioSmart TV is patient education in the waiting room. When you sign up for CardioSmart TV, you will receive a free 32-inch HD flat-screen monitor loaded with video content featuring the latest cardiovascular news, messages on prevention, and information on heart disease and procedures. CardioSmart TV also comes with a complimentary wallboard and brochures. Sign Up Here.

CardioSmart Explorer iPad App for your practice utilizes high-resolution cardiac graphics and animations for clinicians to use at the point of care. ACC members can download the free version for members by using their credentials; non-members can download the version for everyone for $3.99. To learn more, click here.

CardioSmart Vanity URL for your practice provides an easy-to-remember web address to point patients to educational and peer support. In addition to a vanity URL, we encourage you to place the CardioSmart logo and links to our content throughout your practice's website. Email Us to Request a Vanity URL.

CardioSmart Print Education Materials: