For Clinicians

How to Navigate the Site

I want my patients to begin tracking aspects of their health. Does CardioSmart have a tool they can use?

Yes, by signing up as a CardioSmart User, each patient will create their own personal dashboard where they can track the challenges they participate in as well as the following personal health markers:

  • blood pressure
  • weight
  • activity

How do I get to comprehensive information on various conditions?

I would like to better prepare my patient for a test/procedure. Where can I find information to help with this on CardioSmart?

The Treatment page gives you quick access to patient materials for many CV treatments.

What mobile apps are available to use with patients in my practice?

There is currently one mobile app to help you with your practice, the CardioSmart Heart Explorer.

How can I access videos for patients? Am I able to show these in my exam room?

Yes, these videos are accessible from any laptop or smart device with web capabilities. 

Where can I find summaries of ACC guidelines for patients?  

The easiest way to access them all is by visiting our Guidelines page.  

I would like to put my patient in touch with others who have a similar condition. Does CardioSmart have a resource I can refer them to?

The site has a couple of different resources for patients in terms of interacting with others. They are Community Peer Support and Personal Stories.

Where on CardioSource can I get information and stay updated on CardioSmart and patient-centered care initiatives?

The Patient-Provider Resources page on CardioSource has resources to help you focus on patient-centered care and implementing and using CardioSmart in your practice.

Where can I access Spanish language content?

The "Mi Corazon" page is the hub for CardioSmart content in Spanish. You can also click "Español" in the top header or on any language selector on any page where Spanish is available.


Is CardioSmart for patients or clinicians?

While CardioSmart is the American college of Cardiology’s website designed and written for patients, our goal is to help clinicians save time in practice and enhance the patient-provider relationship.

What is Healthwise and why is their branding included on CardioSmart?

Healthwise is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make better health decisions. For almost 40 years, Healthwise has set the standard for health content that’s evidence-based and that motivates people to take an active role in their health. Key to the value of Healthwise content is their medical review process, one of the industry’s most stringent—and most respected.

Who oversees the site and its content?

Find a list of clinicians and staff who oversee and contribute to CardioSmart on the Editorial Board page.

Other Ways CardioSmart Can Help Your Practice

Where can I learn from and converse with my peers on how they have integrated CardioSmart into their practices?

You can read several case studies on how your peers are using CardioSmart's resources in their practices. 

Where can I learn more about CardioSmartTV for my practice?

On this page on CardioSource CardioSmart TV, and on this demo video

Does CardioSmart have any resources I can provide to my patients from my office?

These Patient Fact Sheets address key points and are easy to print.  

Can I use CardioSmart content on my practice’s website?

Here’s how to create links to CardioSmart content.

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