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Questions to Ask

If you've been diagnosed with aortic aneurysm, there are several key questions that you should ask your cardiologist during your next visit. These questions will ensure that you and your doctor have discussed your major risk factors so that you can become or stay as healthy as possible.

  • What risk factors are associated with the development of an aortic aneurysm?
  • What symptoms of aortic aneurysm should prompt me to seek medical attention?
  • When should an aortic aneurysm be repaired?
  • Who should be screened for aortic aneurysms?
  • How often should my doctor order tests to monitor the size of my aortic aneurysm?
  • Are aortic aneurysms hereditary?
  • Are aortic aneurysms associated with other medical conditions?
  • If I need to have my aortic aneurysm repaired, should I undergo an open-repair or an endovascular repair?
  • Should I be screened for aneurysms in other parts of my body?
  • Are there any restrictions to my exercise program because of aortic aneurysm?
  • Last Edited 08/30/2021