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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you've been diagnosed with subclavian artery disease, there are several key questions that you should ask your health care provider during your next visit. These questions will ensure that you and your doctor have discussed your major risk factors so that you can become or stay as healthy as possible.

  • Is my high blood pressure due to subclavian artery disease?
  • What puts me at risk for subclavian artery disease?
  • Is my blood pressure controlled?
  • How many different medications am I on for my blood pressure?
  • Are my kidneys functioning normally?
  • How do I correctly check my blood pressure at home? How often should I check it?
  • What do my blood pressure numbers mean?
  • What is a healthy weight for me?
  • What lifestyle changes do I need to focus on?
  • What type of diet should I be following?
  • What should my cholesterol numbers be?
  • Do I have diabetes?
  • Last Edited 01/31/2018