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Signs and Symptoms

Some people with mild cases may not have any symptoms, especially early on. For others, the inflammation and swelling can weaken the heart, making it harder to pump blood.

Symptoms may include:

  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing or rapid or irregular heart rhythms
  • Feeling overly tired
  • Flu-like symptoms or signs of infection, including fever, body aches, joint pain, or sore throat
  • Swelling of the legs, ankles, or feet
  • Pale or cold hands and feet, which can be a sign of poor blood circulation   

If the inflammation is severe or untreated, myocarditis can lead to heart failure. Heart failure happens when the heart can’t pump enough blood to keep up with the body’s demands. Sometimes, clots can form in the heart and lead to a heart attack or stroke.

It’s important to seek medical care if you have any new or unexplained symptoms, such as chest pain or shortness of breath. 

  • Last Edited 09/28/2022