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What to Expect After the Test

Always talk with your care team about what to expect and what the results might mean.

After you’ve worn the device for the chosen period of time, you’ll need to return it. Heart monitors that are prescribed can often be sent back in the mail using the packaging and instructions provided by your care team or returned to your doctor’s office.

It may take a couple of weeks for the information to be downloaded, compiled and reviewed by a heart doctor. For heart rhythm monitors that provide real-time data analysis, you would have heard from your care team before the end of the monitoring period if any worrisome heart activity was detected.

It’s always helpful to review what, if any, symptoms you had while using the monitor. This will help your care team compare the heart rhythm pattern seen from the recording and whether they are linked.

If you had symptoms while wearing the monitor, your care team will have all the information they need to confirm whether they are related to your heart. If there were no changes to your heart’s activity, then it’s likely due to something else and other tests may be ordered. If there were changes, then you will discuss what type of arrhythmia was found and if treatment is needed.

Always ask about any necessary follow-up.

  • Last Edited 12/20/2021