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Questions to Ask

Ask your care team about cardiac rehab, whether you might benefit and how it fits with your overall treatment plan. Below are some questions that may help: 

  • Do I qualify for cardiac rehab?
  • Which program would you recommend based on my condition/recovery? 
  • What will I get out of this program?
  • Are there any things about my medical history that I should share with the rehab team?
  • How is the progress I make in cardiac rehab relayed to my cardiologist or primary care doctor?
  • What’s the most important change I can make in my diet?
  • Should I lose weight? How much? Will the rehab team help me set initial goals for weight-loss?
  • What’s the right type and amount of exercise for me? What is my exercise prescription during cardiac rehab and when I leave cardiac rehab?
  • When might I notice an improvement in my ability to exercise?
  • Is there a counselor or social worker I can talk to about managing stress and how to live well with my condition?
  • How can I build on the progress I make in cardiac rehab after I complete the program?
  • Last Edited 01/30/2016