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Questions to Ask

You care team knows what’s best to help support your heart health. Be sure to ask questions about how to prevent or lessen the chance that you will develop a narrowing or hardening of your arteries.

Consider asking:

  • What blood vessels can be affected by atherosclerosis?
  • How does it lead to heart attack or stroke?
  • What are the early signs of narrowed or hardened arteries?
  • How can we tell if my arteries are narrowed?
  • Are there changes I can make to live healthier and protect my heart health or slow atherosclerosis?
  • How much do high cholesterol or high blood pressure play a role?
  • Are there medications that can help limit more damage to my arteries?
  • Will I need a procedure to open blocked arteries?
  • Can stress or lack of sleep play a role in the health of my arteries?

  • Last Edited 09/07/2022