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Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts is an initiative in collaboration with its technology partner, Higi (retail and community health stations), and local community partners.

Currently serving Buffalo, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Camden, NJ, Caring Hearts focuses on two social determinants of health to reduce historical health inequities: access to care and access to healthy food choices.

The program targets specific ZIP codes in each city with persistent gaps in health outcomes and life expectancy resulting in part from higher rates of cardiovascular (CV) risk factors, particularly hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. 

The three main pillars of Caring Hearts are:

   1. Health activation through health screenings and educational infographics.

   2. Connection through available grassroots network resources: education from local community organizations, the initiative’s partners, and the Higi health screening kiosk.

   3. Convenience in corner stores and community centers.

Participating Locations

  • Last Edited 04/02/2024



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