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Top CardioSmart News Articles of 2019

CardioSmart News

As 2019 winds down, we take a moment to look back on what interested our readers. Top news topics this year ranged from the health effects of vaping to mobile apps that monitor your heart rhythm.


An article about experts stressing the need for accurate blood pressure readings also made our top 10. Controlling blood pressure remains a priority for health professionals with 1 in 3 American adults and more than 1 billion people worldwide affected.


Concerns about what exactly it means to eat in a way that protects your heart drove interest in articles about the risks of eating low-carb diets or red meat.


It’s a challenge to keep up with new research, especially in an age when advances in treatment and technology seem to move so fast. CardioSmart’s mission from the start has been to give you information and tools to help prevent, treat and manage cardiovascular disease. We’ll keep working to do that in 2020.  

CardioSmart’s Top 10 News Articles Published in 2019

  1. Vaping Marijuana Has Stronger Effects Than Smoking, Study Finds
    Marijuana and driving are a dangerous mix, based on results that show smoking and vaping impair cognitive, motor and other functioning.

  2. Experts Stress the Importance of Accurate Blood Pressure Screenings
    Accurate screenings are key to diagnosing and treating patients with high blood pressure, explain experts.

  3. Mobile App Helps Detect Abnormal Heart Rhythm in Apple Watch Users
    Smartwatch helps flag users with possible AFib and prompts them to seek further testing, finds Stanford study.

  4. Low-Carb Diet Tied to Common Heart Rhythm Disorder
    Study suggests using caution when restricting carbohydrates for weight loss due to atrial fibrillation concern.

  5. Energy Drinks Quickly Affect the Heart
    Study finds energy drinks cause changes in heartbeat and blood pressure within hours.

  6. Research Backs up Recommendations to Avoid Alcohol with AFib
    Study confirms cutting out alcohol reduces abnormal heart rhythm in moderate drinkers.

  7. Strong Evidence Links Irregular Heart Rhythm to Dementia
    Experts explore the link between atrial fibrillation and cognitive impairment, as well as opportunities for treatment and prevention.

  8. Heart Attack Rates on the Rise in Young Adults
    One in five young heart attack survivors is under 40.

  9. Red and Processed Meats Increase Risk for Heart Disease
    Not all animal products threaten heart health, finds European study of 500,000 adults.

  10. Smartphone App Helps Combat High Blood Pressure
    A smartphone app for blood pressure monitoring shows promise in patients with diabetes.

CardioSmart keeps you informed of the latest developments in heart health by providing summaries for patients about cardiovascular research published in the top medical journals. You can access all of our articles at www.CardioSmart.org/News.
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