CardioSmart Explorer App for Your Office

The CardioSmart Explorer iPad app is designed to enhance the clinician/patient relationship at the point of care. By using the app's high-resolution cardiac graphics and animations, physicians can effectively review and discuss common heart problems and treatment options with their patients.

As of February 2017, version 1.5, complete with upgrades and improvements, is available in the Apple App Store. Members of the American College of Cardiology can download the app here. It no longer requires ACC login and is free for all users. Non-members can download the app here.


  • Explore the structure of an animated 3-D beating heart by swiping up or down through 7 basic layers of normal cardiac anatomy.
  • Review and discuss common heart problems and treatment options with patients as well as their caregivers by utilizing the app’s high-resolution cardiac graphics and animation on the iPad 2.
  • Select from many common cardiovascular health conditions and literally show and “bring to life” what these conditions mean, and what their treatments can look like.
  • With a wave of your fingers, you can show a patient their heart muscle, its coronary anatomy, and the processes of a stent implantation.
  • Choose additional cardiac patient education animations and interactive media from within a media gallery. Future versions of the app will allow customization of this feature through online downloads of additional media.


  • iPad 2 or the new iPad
  • IOS version 5.0 or higher