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The best reward for heart-healthy behavior is your own health and feeling your best. But we think an extra reward now and then can sweeten the deal and keep you motivated. Redeem your CardioSmart points for any of these products to support you in staying CardioSmart. No points yet? Start earning points today!

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3-Piece Fitness Pack

This three-piece fitness set comes with a polyester duffel bag and lets you take your workout anywhere. It includes a jump rope with both short and long exercise resistance bands.

Price: 1250 Points

Tote Bag and Tape Measure

This package includes a duo of useful, everyday items: a stylish tote bag paired with a handy tape measure.

Price: 850 Points

Exercise Band and Rally Towel

This package includes an 11"x17" cotton rally towel that's perfect for any workout, and a medium-resistance, 3"x6" exercise band to help tone and strengthen muscles. The resistance band is also great for rehabilitation. (Note: This product contains natural latex rubber, which may cause an allergic reaction.)

Price: 500 Points

Stress Reliever

This heart-shaped stress reliever can help you relax and reenergize. It retains its shape after being squeezed, helping to tone hand and wrist muscles while providing stress relief.

Price: 200 Points