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Heavy Drinking Linked to Stiffened Arteries in Men
Stroke Survivors Largely Unaware of Heart Risks
Poor Medication Adherence Affects Treatment
  • Heavy Drinking Linked to Stiffened Arteries in Men
  • Stroke Survivors Largely Unaware of Heart Risks
  • Poor Medication Adherence Affects Treatment
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Children Should Consume No More Than Six Teaspoons of Sugar a Day

Sep 22, 2016

By reducing added sugar consumption, risk for health problems that lead to heart disease is lowered, and children can develop healthier lifelong eating habits.

Experts Advise Caution with Blood Pressure Treatment in Patients with Heart Disease

Sep 21, 2016

Study links strict blood pressure control to increased cardiovascular risk in patients with heart disease.

ACC Partners with Google to Share Reliable Heart Health Information

Sep 20, 2016
“Ask a Doctor” feature promotes patient-provider engagement.

Not All Heart Failure Patients Benefit Equally From ICDs

Sep 20, 2016

Implantable devices that help prevent sudden cardiac death don’t extend the lives of all patients with heart failure.

The Importance of Promoting Heart Health in Children

Sep 17, 2016
Experts highlight early education about heart health for prevention later in life.

Living Farther from Cigarette Outlets Increases Chances of Quitting Smoking

Sep 16, 2016
In this study, every one-third mile increase in the distance from home to tobacco retailer was associated with a 16% increase in chances of quitting.

Many Patients Quit Their Jobs After Heart Failure Diagnosis

Sep 14, 2016
One in three patients doesn’t keep his or her job, finds study.

One Hour of Exercise Can Offset Health Risks of Sedentary Time

Aug 27, 2016
One-quarter of adults worldwide don’t get enough physical activity.

Surgery Becoming Safer, More Effective for Children with Congenital Heart Defects

Aug 27, 2016
Analysis of Finnish registries shows significant improvement in survival rates for children undergoing surgery for heart defects.

Task Force Finds Lack of Evidence to Support Childhood Lipid Screenings

Aug 27, 2016

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force maintains that there’s not enough evidence to support universal cholesterol screenings in children.

Despite Statins, Familial Hypercholesterolemia Doubles Risk for Second Heart Attack

Aug 27, 2016

Study authors emphasize screening for the genetic disorder that causes dangerously high cholesterol.

Effects of Weight Loss Drugs on Heart Health Remain Unclear, Finds Study

Aug 24, 2016
While weight loss drugs show promise, additional studies are needed to understand long-term impact on heart health.

U.S. Food Subsidies Fuel Obesity and Declining Health

Aug 22, 2016
Agricultural policies may be contributing to unhealthy diets.

Good Fats Promote Longer Life

Aug 22, 2016
Ridding your diet of saturated and trans fats could add years to your life, finds study.

Heart Forum Webinar: Managing Congenital Heart Defects

Aug 22, 2016
Adults with congenital heart defects face unique challenges. Learn the importance of follow-up care and tips for coping.

Women and Minorities Less Likely to Receive Counseling on ICDs for Heart Failure

Aug 16, 2016
Counseling on potentially life-saving heart failure treatment is lacking.

Being Overweight or Obese Shortens Lifespan

Aug 16, 2016

International study of nearly 4 million adults confirms increased risk of death for adults carrying excess weight.

Frequent Dining Out Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Disease

Aug 16, 2016

Researchers studied the cardiovascular effects of an eating pattern focused on red meat, pre-made meals, snacks, sugary beverages and excessive alcohol.

Complications from AFib Procedure are More Common in Women than Men

Aug 11, 2016

Women with atrial fibrillation are more likely to experience complications after catheter ablation than men, but there is a silver lining to these findings.

Quality of Stroke Care Varies by Day and Time of Hospital Visit

Aug 02, 2016
The timing of hospital admission has a significant impact on stroke treatment.

Chocolate Protects Against Heart Attack

Aug 02, 2016

Three or more servings of chocolate a week reduces risk of heart attack, finds study.

Survival Rates Improving for Patients with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Defects

Aug 01, 2016
Early surgical treatment—which has become more common over the last six decades—improves outcomes.

Diabetes Outcomes Strongly Influenced by Income and Education

Aug 01, 2016
Poor adults with type 2 diabetes have greater risk of death than those with higher income and education levels.

The American Diet is Improving

Jul 29, 2016

We are eating healthier than we were in the ‘90s, but there is plenty of room for improvement, especially in low-income populations.

Study Confirms the Benefits of FDA-Approved Weight Loss Pills

Jul 28, 2016
On average, weight loss pills helped overweight and obese participants lose 3–19 pounds more than those taking a placebo.