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Younger Women Benefit from Fruits, Vegetables

Marriage Linked to Lower Heart Risk

New Cholesterol Guidelines Could Mean More Statins

  • Younger Women Benefit from Fruits, Vegetables

  • Marriage Linked to Lower Heart Risk

  • New Cholesterol Guidelines Could Mean More Statins

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Sitting Increases Heart Disease Risk Regardless of Physical Activity

Apr 09, 2013
Activity and exercise are essential for health, but sitting for extended periods takes its toll nonetheless.
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Digoxin Reduces Hospitalizations in Older Heart Failure Patients

Apr 08, 2013

Medication may not only keep patients healthier but reduce health care costs.

Breathing in Other People's Smoke is Dangerous for the Heart's Arteries

Apr 08, 2013
Study shows a direct relationship between the amount of secondhand smoke exposure and the amount of calcium deposits on the inner walls of the arteries.

AFib Has Different Effects on Men and Women

Apr 04, 2013

A recent study finds that women with AFib experience worse symptoms but that men with the condition are at a greater risk of dying.

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Patients with Pulmonary Embolism Benefit from Clot-Busting Drug

Apr 04, 2013
According to recent research, tenecteplase (TNKase) lowered the risk of circulatory system collapse, especially among younger patients.
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Research Sheds Light on How Long Anticoagulants Should Be Taken After Stenting

Apr 04, 2013
Patients taking clopidogrel (Plavix) for a long period don’t see any health benefits and actually have a higher risk of bleeding.
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No Benefit Found From Blood Pressure Drug in Heart Failure Patients

Mar 27, 2013
According to researchers, the blood pressure-lowering drug aliskiren had no positive effect on people with heart failure.
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Blood Thinner and Cholesterol Lowering Drug Combination Helps Prevent Stroke After Carotid Stenting

Mar 27, 2013
An Italian study finds that high doses of clopidogrel and atorvastatin appear to reduce stroke risk in stent patients.
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In High Doses, Niacin Causes More Harm than Good

Mar 27, 2013
Commonly used to treat high cholesterol, the B vitamin can cause serious side effects and complications.

Roots of Heart Disease Found in Mummies Dating Back 4,000 Years

Mar 26, 2013
Atherosclerosis is evident in one-third of mummies, across all populations in the study.

Heart Attacks Triple After Hurricane Katrina

Mar 10, 2013
Researchers say psychosocial effects of the disaster play an important role.

Money Motivates People to Lose Weight

Mar 10, 2013

Weight-loss programs with cash incentives and penalties yield better participation and greater weight loss than those without.

Despite Lifesaving Benefits, Fewer Women Than Men Get Cardiac Rehab

Mar 09, 2013
Women with coronary artery disease can improve their heart health and reduce their risk of dying from heart disease by attending cardiac rehabilitation.

Cutting Salt Intake Could Save More Than One Million Lives

Mar 07, 2013
According to researchers, if Americans reduced their daily sodium intake, between 850,000 to 1.2 million lives could be saved over a decade.

Sitting Less Reduces Risk for Diabetes

Mar 07, 2013
Researchers have found that people with more sedentary time have poorer blood sugar control and higher cholesterol compared to those who are less sedentary, even after accounting for physical activity.

Belly Fat Increases Cardiovascular Risk

Mar 06, 2013
Do you have a healthy BMI? Where we carry weight may determine our health more accurately than our BMI suggests.

Duo of Anticoagulants Could Help Patients after 'Mini' Stroke

Mar 06, 2013
A Chinese study finds that combining aspirin with clopidrogel (Plavix) after a transient ischemic attack (TIA) helped reduce the risk of having a subsequent stroke.

Marriage Reduces Heart Attack Risk

Mar 06, 2013
A Finnish study finds that unmarried men and women were much more likely to have a heart attack than their married peers.

Mediterranean Diet Lowers Cardiovascular Risk

Mar 06, 2013
According to a recent study, the Mediterranean diet, which is full of healthy fats, lowered the risk of heart attack, stroke and death by about 30% among middle-aged adults.

Southern Diet Explains the 'Stroke Belt'

Mar 06, 2013
A new study finds that a Southern-style diet filled with fried foods, processed meats and sugary drinks can increase stroke risk.

Blood Pressure Medication Improves Walking Ability in PAD Patients

Feb 21, 2013
A study of Australian patients with peripheral arterial disease finds that ramipril (Altace) can boost mobility and quality of life.

Do Financial Conflicts of Interest Impact Study Results?

Feb 21, 2013
According to a recent study, funding sources and conflicts of interest have no impact on the outcome of medical studies and trials.

Baby Boomers Less Healthy Than Previous Generation

Feb 19, 2013
A recent study finds baby boomers have higher rates of chronic disease, higher levels of disability and lower self-rated health than those born a generation prior.

Calcium Supplements May Increase Cardiovascular Risk in Men

Feb 19, 2013
While more research is needed, new findings show how calcium supplements could affect heart health in men.

CardioSmart Partners with Hospitals for National Heart Health Screening Day

Feb 14, 2013
CardioSmart is collaborating with hospitals nationwide to offer free heart health screenings to local residents.