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Cardiac Rehabilitation Basics

Cardiac rehabilitation is a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating, stress reduction, and medical therapy. In addition, those who smoke receive guidance to help them quit for good.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a proven way for heart patients to regain strength and improve their overall health.

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If you're dealing with heart disease or a heart related condition, ask your doctor about starting a program of Cardiac Rehabilitation--it's a proven way to regain strength, and improve your overall health.

Cardiac Rehab typically has five components:

  • Get regular exercise--from supervised activities to a daily walk in the park. The idea is to get moving.
  • Adopt a heart-healthy diet. That means low-salt meals and snacks that are rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat fish and meats. It can be delicious!
  • Learn how to reduce stress, through relaxation techniques, recreation, music, even getting a pet.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions carefully, and take your medications on schedule.
  • And, if you smoke, stop immediately. Most cardiac rehab programs offer methods to help you kick this harmful habit.

People of all ages, and all walks of life, are living stronger, and longer, thanks to cardiac rehabilitation. Ask your healthcare provider about getting into a program today!


Tom Weiser is CardioSmart

Tom has had two heart attacks triggered by familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). He has become a vocal and educated advocate for his disease and a positive example for his four children.

Don's Story: Cardiac Rehab

Don Fick suffered a heart attack while on vacation with his family. After his heart attack, Don made cardiac rehab a priority in his recovery.

Bradley Smith is CardioSmart

After a heart attack, Bradley Smith dramatically improved his heart health and reduced his risk for a second heart attack by attending cardiac rehab, changing his diet and taking his medications faithfully.

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Tai chi shows promise for people with heart disease who decline traditional rehab programs.

Despite Lifesaving Benefits, Fewer Women Than Men Get Cardiac Rehab

Women with coronary artery disease can improve their heart health and reduce their risk of dying from heart disease by attending cardiac rehabilitation.