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The Dangers of Hypertension

Hypertension, more commonly called high blood pressure, affects one out of three U.S. adults. Many, however, don't even know it because there are often no symptoms.

Hypertension is another way to say "high blood pressure." A patient has hypertension if their readings are above 140 over 90. With medication, the right diet, and a few lifestyle changes, however, hypertension can be managed.

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Hypertension. It's another way to say "High Blood Pressure." Readings above 120 over 80 are a warning sign for Prehypertension. If they get above 140 over 90, you’ve got hypertension.

One out of every three Americans has it too, and many don't even know it...because there are often no symptoms, which means there may be some nasty surprises ahead if you don’t detect and treat your Hypertension.

What's the good news? You can manage high blood pressure with medication, the right diet, and a few lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, and finding ways to reduce stress. So take control of your Hypertension. Talk to your doctor and get started on a treatment program today.


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