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Many patients with prediabetes are interested in participating in the latest research regarding their condition. This Clinical Trial Finder can help you—or a loved one—easily find ongoing cardiovascular clinical research trials for which you might qualify. This list is a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health called, a database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies.

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Minnesota Medicaid Incentives to Prevent Chronic Disease

Condition:   Prediabetic State
Intervention:   Behavioral: Financial Incentives
Sponsors:   Minnesota Department of Human Services;   Minnesota Department of Health;   HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research
Recruiting - verified April 2015

Whole-exome Sequencing in Childhood Obesity

Condition:   Childhood Obesity
Sponsors:   National University, Singapore;   National Medical Research Council (NMRC), Singapore;   Health Promotion Board, Singapore;   Genome Institute of Singapore A*Star, Singapore
Not yet recruiting - verified April 2015

The Early Warning System for the Diabetic Encephalopathy

Conditions:   Diabetes Mellitus Type 2;   Mild Cognitive Impairment;   Metabolic Syndrome X
Sponsor:   Tang-Du Hospital
Not yet recruiting - verified April 2015

Comparison of Single and Combination Diuretics in Low-Renin Hypertension

Condition:   Hypertension
Interventions:   Drug: Hydrochlorthiazide;   Drug: Amiloride;   Drug: Hydrochlorthiazide and Amiloride
Sponsors:   University of Cambridge;   University of Leicester;   University of Dundee;   University of Glasgow;   University of Edinburgh;   Imperial College London;   Barts & The London NHS Trust;   King's College London;   University of Birmingham
Active, not recruiting - verified April 2015

Follow-up Study of Complications of Acute Pancreatitis

Conditions:   Pancreatitis;   Pancreatic Neoplasms;   Metabolic Diseases;   Hypertension, Portal;   Respiratory Failure;   Quality of Life
Sponsor:   The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University
Recruiting - verified November 2014

Physical Activity and Obesity

Conditions:   Obesity;   Prediabetic State;   Sedentary Lifestyle
Intervention:   Behavioral: High Activity
Sponsor:   Oregon Health and Science University
Recruiting - verified April 2015

Pathobiology and Reversibility of Prediabetes in a Biracial Cohort

Conditions:   Prediabetes;   Type 2 Diabetes;   Obesity
Intervention:   Behavioral: Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI)
Sponsors:   University of Tennessee;   National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Enrolling by invitation - verified April 2015

Evaluation of the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation in Diabetes Education Programs

Conditions:   Pre-diabetic;   Diabetic Type II Mellitus
Intervention:   Behavioral: Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation
Sponsor:   Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation
Recruiting - verified January 2015

Fibroblast Growth Factors 19 and 21 in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Condition:   Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Sponsor:   First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University
Completed - verified April 2015

Screening and Understanding of the Pre-diabetes: DECODIAB

Condition:   Pre-diabetes
Intervention:   Other: Biopsies of muscular and fat tissue
Sponsor:   Nantes University Hospital
Active, not recruiting - verified April 2015

Effect of DPP4 Inhibition on Growth Hormone Secretion

Condition:   Obesity
Interventions:   Drug: Sitagliptin;   Drug: Pegvisomant;   Drug: Placebo;   Drug: L-NMMA;   Drug: Exendin 9-39
Sponsors:   Vanderbilt University;   National Institutes of Health (NIH);   National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Recruiting - verified April 2015

Prevention Trial to Achieve Cardiovascular Targets

Conditions:   Coronary Artery Disease;   Peripheral Arterial Disease;   Hyperlipidemia;   Hypertension;   Diabetes;   Prediabetes;   Obesity
Interventions:   Behavioral: Prevention Consult;   Behavioral: Consult & Behavioral Intervention
Sponsors:   New York University School of Medicine;   The Rainer Arnhold Foundation
Recruiting - verified April 2015

Study of Offspring of Women With Type 1 Diabetes

Condition:   Type 1 Diabetes
Sponsors:   Odense University Hospital;   University of Copenhagen;   Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen;   Department of Growth and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark;   University of Southern Denmark;   University of Aarhus;   Aarhus University Hospital
Active, not recruiting - verified April 2015

Cinnamon Trial-lIfestyle iNtervention Plus Water-soluble Cinnamon Extract On loweriNg Blood Glucose in Pre-diabetics

Conditions:   Diabetes;   Pre-Diabetes
Intervention:   Drug: water-soluble cinnamon extract (Cinnulin PF)
Sponsor:   Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital
Recruiting - verified April 2015

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