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Many patients with metabolic syndrome are interested in participating in the latest research regarding their condition. This Clinical Trial Finder can help you—or a loved one—easily find ongoing cardiovascular clinical research trials for which you might qualify. This list is a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health called, a database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies.

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HDL Lipidomic, Proteomic and Functional Changes in Women After Eating Eggs

Conditions:   Overweight;   Obesity;   Metabolic Syndrome
Interventions:   Other: Whole egg;   Other: Yolk-free egg
Sponsor:   University of California, Davis
Recruiting - verified May 2015

The Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Patients Undergoing Elective Laparotomy

Conditions:   Metabolic Syndrome;   Anesthesia;   Perioperative Outcome;   Complications
Intervention:   Procedure: Elective abdominal surgery
Sponsor:   University of Ioannina
Completed - verified May 2015

The Metabolic Road to Diastolic Heart Failure: Diastolic Heart Failure Study

Condition:   Diastolic Heart Failure
Intervention:   Other: Blood sampling for biomarker assessment
Sponsor:   Central Hospital, Nancy, France
Completed - verified April 2015

Effect of Brown Rice on the Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome

Condition:   Metabolic Syndrome
Interventions:   Other: Brown rice;   Other: White rice
Sponsor:   Tufts University
Completed - verified May 2015

Galantamine Effects in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

Condition:   Abdominal Obesity Metabolic Syndrome
Interventions:   Drug: Galantamine;   Drug: Placebo (for galantamine)
Sponsors:   University of Sao Paulo;   University of Nove de Julho;   Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Active, not recruiting - verified May 2015

Effects of Physical Activity in Psychosis

Conditions:   Schizophrenia;   Substance Use
Interventions:   Other: Computer game skills training;   Other: Physical activity
Sponsors:   Sykehuset i Vestfold HF;   Stiftelsen Helse og Rehabilitering;   Norwegian Research network in Severe Mental Illness
Enrolling by invitation - verified May 2015

Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of PreCrea® on Subjects With Higher Than Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Conditions:   Diabetes Mellitus;   Pre-Diabetes;   Hyperglycemia;   Metabolic Syndrome
Interventions:   Dietary Supplement: Study dietary supplement (PreCrea 600 mg capsules);   Dietary Supplement: Placebo
Sponsor:   Joe Fenn
Completed - verified May 2015

Effects of Aerobic Exercise Detraining

Conditions:   Motor Activity;   Body Weight;   Obesity
Sponsor:   Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Recruiting - verified May 2015

Family-Based Mindful Eating Intervention for Overweight Adolescents

Conditions:   Overweight;   Adolescent Behavior;   Family Research;   Weight Loss
Interventions:   Behavioral: Adolescent Mindful Eating Group;   Behavioral: Parent Integrated Group
Sponsor:   Oregon Research Institute
Recruiting - verified May 2015

Inflammation and Glycation in a General Adult Population

Condition:   Inflammation
Sponsors:   Hospital Clinico Universitario de Santiago;   Medtronic
Completed - verified May 2015

Effect of Short Term Atypical Antipsychotic Administration Compared to Placebo on Hepatic Insulin Extraction

Condition:   Normal Non-fluency
Intervention:   Drug: Olanzapine
Sponsors:   Michael Rickels;   University of Pennsylvania
Completed - verified May 2015

Exercise in Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome

Condition:   Metabolic Syndrome
Interventions:   Behavioral: 1x4 aerobic interval training;   Behavioral: 4x4 aerobic interval training;   Behavioral: traditional moderate training
Sponsor:   Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Recruiting - verified May 2015

Reducing Disparities in Late Life Depression and Metabolic Syndrome

Conditions:   Depressive Symptoms;   Metabolic Syndrome X;   Overweight;   Obesity;   Hypertension;   Hyperglycemia;   Dyslipidemias
Interventions:   Behavioral: Generations older adult membership program;   Behavioral: BRIGHTEN Heart Virtual Team intervention
Sponsor:   Rush University Medical Center
Active, not recruiting - verified May 2015

Effects of Telemonitoring Service for Obesity Care

Conditions:   Obesity;   Metabolic Syndrome
Interventions:   Procedure: Telemonitoring;   Other: control group
Sponsor:   Chang Hee, Lee
Completed - verified May 2015

Metabolic Syndrome in Bone Marrow Transplant Survivors

Condition:   Metabolic Syndrome
Intervention:   Other: Diagnostic exams
Sponsor:   Nationwide Children's Hospital
Terminated - verified May 2015

Complications in Hypertension and Obesity

Conditions:   Metabolic Syndrome;   Hypertension;   Obesity;   Dyslipidemia;   Hyperglycemia
Sponsor:   Federal North-West Medical Research Centre
Recruiting - verified May 2015

MK0916 in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome (0916-005)

Conditions:   Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2;   Metabolic Syndrome
Intervention:   Drug: MK0916
Sponsor:   Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Completed - verified May 2015

Chronic Heart Failure Analysis and Registry in the Tohoku District 2 (CHART-2 Study)

Conditions:   Heart Failure;   Coronary Disease;   Heart Valve Diseases;   Cardiomyopathies;   Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Sponsor:   Hiroaki Shimokawa, MD, PhD
Active, not recruiting - verified May 2015

Comparison of Aripiprazole and Risperidone for the Treatment of People With First-Episode Psychosis

Condition:   Schizophrenia
Interventions:   Drug: Aripiprazole;   Drug: Risperidone;   Drug: Clozapine
Sponsors:   North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System;   National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Active, not recruiting - verified May 2015

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