Metabolic Syndrome

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you've been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, there are several key questions that you should ask your cardiologist during your next visit. These questions will ensure that you and your doctor have discussed your major risk factors so that you can become or stay as healthy as possible.
  • What is metabolic syndrome and why is it important?
  • How common is metabolic syndrome?
  • How much does metabolic syndrome increase my cardiovascular disease risk?
  • Do people with metabolic syndrome have a lower life expectancy?
  • If I have some, but not all of the characteristics of metabolic syndrome, do I still have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease?
  • Can metabolic syndrome be reversed?
  • What can I do to decrease my risk if I have metabolic syndrome?
  • Are there metabolic syndrome support groups I can join to help keep me motivated?
  • How often should I see my doctor if I have metabolic syndrome?
  • Are there medications I can or should take for metabolic syndrome?
  • Is metabolic syndrome more common in men or women?
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