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Taking Control of Your Heart Failure: Life After a Heart Failure Hospitalization

slidesThis tool for patients with heart failure highlights several key rights you should know. It also offers high-level guidance to support self-care management and empowerment upon hospital discharge. 

Heart failure is a chronic, lifelong condition. But you can live a full and active life with the right medical treatment, follow-up, and the attention you pay to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. 

Becoming an empowered patient requires understanding heart failure, recognizing and monitoring changes in your symptoms, engaging in self-care, and creating a partnership with your health care team and heart failure provider. 

Feeling empowered in your care may mean fewer symptoms, better quality of life, and fewer delays in the hospital because of a worsening condition.

The American College of Cardiology joined a coalition of professional societies and patient and caregiver groups to create this tool.

Download Patient Empowerment Tool

COVID-19 Addendum

The coalition also created an addendum to help you continue taking control of your heart failure amid COVID-19.

Download COVID-19 Addendum

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Last updated: May 13, 2020

Infographic: Turning Heart Failure Into Heart Success

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If you just found out you have heart failure, you may feel scared or overwhelmed. And that's OK.