Heart Block

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Many patients with heart block are interested in participating in the latest research regarding their condition. This Clinical Trial Finder can help you—or a loved one—easily find ongoing cardiovascular clinical research trials for which you might qualify. This list is a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health called clinicaltrials.gov, a database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies.

Simply click on the trial below that interests you to learn how you might participate.

The Research Registry for Neonatal Lupus

Conditions:   Neonatal Lupus;   Systemic Lupus Erythematosus;   Sjogren's Syndrome;   Congenital Heart Block
Intervention:   Other: No intervention; observational
Sponsor:   NYU Langone Health
Active, not recruiting

Evaluation Of Pacemakers in Children

Condition:   Disorder of Cardiac Pacemaker System
Intervention:   Device: caliberation of pacemaker
Sponsor:   Assiut University
Not yet recruiting

Clinical Study for Workflow and Performance Evaluation of the THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® SF-5D System for Treating Symptomatic Paroxysmal AF (QDOT-Micro)

Condition:   Atrial Fibrillation
Intervention:   Device: THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® SF-5D catheter
Sponsor:   Biosense Webster, Inc.

Pelvic Pain Treated With MR-guided Cryoanalgesia

Conditions:   Pelvic Pain Syndrome;   Groin Pain;   Meralgia Paresthetica;   Low Back Pain;   Perineal Neuralgia
Intervention:   Device: MR neurography-guided cryoanalgesia
Sponsors:   Johns Hopkins University;   BTG International Inc.

iCLAS™ for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

Condition:   Persistent Atrial Fibrillation
Intervention:   Device: Adagio AF Cryoablation System (iCLAS™)
Sponsor:   Adagio Medical
Not yet recruiting

Optical Tissue Identification for Myocardial Architecture

Conditions:   Ventricular Septal Defect;   Complete Atrioventricular Canal;   Tetralogy of Fallot With Pulmonary Stenosis
Interventions:   Drug: Fluorescite;   Device: Cellvizio 100 Series System with Confocal Miniprobes
Sponsors:   Aditya Kaza;   National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Multi-lead ECG to Effectively Optimize Resynchronization Devices: New CRT Recipients

Condition:   Heart Failure, Systolic
Intervention:   Device: Reprogramming of CRT Device Settings to Optimal Electrical Synchrony
Sponsor:   Allina Health System

Non-Invasive Radiation Ablation in Patients With Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy: NIRA-HOCM

Condition:   Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Intervention:   Device: Stereotactic body radiation therapy
Sponsors:   Barts & The London NHS Trust;   Barts Cardiovascular CTU (Queen Mary University of London);   Barts Charity
Not yet recruiting

Left Bundle Area Versus Selective His Bundle Pacing

Conditions:   Bradycardia;   Sinus Node Dysfunction;   Atrioventricular Block
Intervention:   Device: Select Secure pacing lead
Sponsor:   David Haines, MD

Effectiveness of Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) With His Bundle Lead Placement

Condition:   Sinus Node Dysfunction
Intervention:   Diagnostic Test: Treadmill/Bicycle exercise testing
Sponsor:   NYU Langone Health