Aortic Valve Regurgitation

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Many patients with aortic valve regurgitation are interested in participating in the latest research regarding their condition. This Clinical Trial Finder can help you—or a loved one—easily find ongoing cardiovascular clinical research trials for which you might qualify. This list is a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health called, a database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies.

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ACURATE Neo™ AS Aortic Bioprosthesis for Implantation Using the ACURATE neoTM AS TF Transfemoral Delivery System in Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis

Condition:   Aortic Stenosis
Intervention:   Device: Transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Sponsor:   Symetis SA
Not yet recruiting - verified September 2016

The Medtronic TAVR 2.0 US Clinical Study

Condition:   Aortic Valve Stenosis
Intervention:   Device: Medtronic Transcatheter Aortic Valve 2.0 Replacement System
Sponsor:   Medtronic Cardiovascular
Recruiting - verified September 2016

Novel Cardiac Imaging Prognostic Markers of Clinical Outcome in Patients With Chronic Aortic Regurgitation

Condition:   Aortic Valve Disorder
Sponsors:   Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine;   Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady;   General University Hospital, Prague;   VZW Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst
Recruiting - verified September 2016

HALO: A Single Arm Prospective Investigation of the SJM™ Masters HP™ 15mm Rotatable Mechanical Heart Valve

Conditions:   Mitral Valve Disease;   Damaged Mitral Valve;   Malfunctioning Mitral Heart Valve;   Mitral Valve Replacement
Intervention:   Device: Mitral valve replacement SJM™ Masters HP™ 15mm Rotatable Mechanical Heart Valve
Sponsor:   St. Jude Medical
Recruiting - verified September 2016

ProspeCtive, nOn-randoMized, MulticENter Clinical Evaluation of Edwards Pericardial Bioprostheses With a New Tissue Treatment Platform (COMMENCE)

Conditions:   Aortic Stenosis;   Mitral Stenosis;   Aortic Valve Insufficiency;   Mitral Valve Insufficiency;   Heart Failure
Intervention:   Device: Edwards Aortic and Mitral Bioprostheses Models 11000A and 11000M
Sponsor:   Edwards Lifesciences
Active, not recruiting - verified September 2016

The HAART 300 Annuloplasty Ring Extended Safety and Performance Trial Used in Surgical Repair of the Aortic Valve

Condition:   Aortic Insufficiency
Intervention:   Device: HAART 300 Annuloplasty Device
Sponsor:   Biostable Science & Engineering
Completed - verified June 2014

Surgical Treatment of Aortic Stenosis With a Next Generation, Rapid Deployment Surgical Aortic Valve

Conditions:   Aortic Valve Stenosis;   Aortic Valve Stenosis With Insufficiency;   Regurgitation, Aortic Valve;   Aortic Valve Incompetence
Intervention:   Device: EDWARDS INTUITY valve
Sponsor:   Edwards Lifesciences
Active, not recruiting - verified September 2016

Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Magna Ease Pericardial Bioprosthesis, Model 3300TFX

Conditions:   Coronary Artery Disease;   Aortic Valve Disorder;   Heart Failure;   Aortic Valve Stenosis;   Aortic Valve Insufficiency
Intervention:   Device: Implantation of CEP Magna Ease Model 3300TFX
Sponsor:   Edwards Lifesciences
Active, not recruiting - verified September 2016