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  • How does aspirin help prevent heart attack and stroke?

  • Aspirin helps prevent heart attack and stroke by reducing blood clotting. Although blood clotting is the body’s natural way of healing damaged blood vessels, blood clots can travel to the heart and block major arteries, causing heart attack or stroke. Therefore, those at high risk for heart attack and stroke often take aspirin to help reduce clotting and risk for future cardiac events.
  • I have tried many medications for angina but I continue to have symptoms. Is there a role for ranolizine? Other therapies?
  • Are there any medications that I should stop taking after being diagnosed with aortic stenosis?
  • Are there medications that I should take to lower my risk of developing atherosclerosis?
  • For how long should I take a blood thinner such as coumadin?
  • Am I a good candidate for alternatives to coumadin, such as rivaroxaban?
  • Should I take antibiotics before dental procedures to prevent endocarditis?
  • What are the side-effects of medications used to treat angina (particularly beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers)?
  • What medications should I take to manage my cardiomyopathy symptoms? What are the side-effects of these medications?
  • What medications should I take to prevent dilated cardiomyopathy from worsening?
  • For how long do I need to take antibiotics for endocarditis? What are the side-effects of these antibiotics? Do these antibotics need to be intravenous or oral?

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