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  • Does cardiovascular risk differ among different races or ethnicities?

  • Yes. Research from 2012 shows that African-American adults have among the highest rates of hypertension in the world (44% vs. 33.5% of U.S. adults). African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic/Latino individuals and other ethnic minorities are also disproportionately affected by diabetes, and Mexican-American and African American children are disproportionately affected by overweight and obesity. 

  • How are liprotein-a levels tested?

  • Lipoprotein-a can be measured with a simple blood test, similar to blood tests for other types of cholesterol.
  • How accurate is nutritional information in fast-food and sit-down restaurants?

  • A recent study found that nutritional information is more accurate in fast-food restaurants than sit-down restaurants. Experts suggest that fast-food nutritional information may be more accurate because the food is in exact portion sizes, often in containers. In sit-down restaurants, food is served on a plate with less-regulated portions. They also found that foods with lower-stated caloric content had higher actual caloric content, while foods with higher-stated caloric content had lower actual calorie content. Interestingly, side dishes in sit-down restaurants tended to have more calories than stated, rather than the entrees they accompanied.
  • How often should I see my primary care doctor?

  • Most guidelines suggest that individuals of all ages should see their primary care provider once each year, at a minimum. However, those with family history of conditions, such as heart disease, or pre-existing health conditions may need to see their healthcare provider more often.

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