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February Weight Loss Challenge

Feb 01, 2014 - Mar 01, 2014

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Did you know February is American Heart Month? That's right, the issue of heart disease is front-and-center for most Americans this month. While it remains a major problem in the United States, heart disease is preventable and controllable. One of the best ways to combat heart disease is by losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Losing weight does take time, energy and dedication, but shedding even a few pounds can improve your heart health.

To take this challenge, try to weigh yourself a few times a week and make at least 4 entries this month in your CardioSmart weight tracker. Click on the "Take the Challenge" button on the top right to get started!


Try to weigh yourself a few times a week and make at least 4 entries this month in your CardioSmart weight tracker to receive up to 100 CardioSmart Points.

CardioSmart Pedometer & Tape Measure

From all participants who successfully complete the challenge, one person will be randomly chosen to win a CardioSmart pedometer and tape measure.