CardioSmart@Work provides personalized support for each individual employee.

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The American College of Cardiology and INTERVENT have joined forces

The American College of Cardiology and INTERVENT International (INTERVENT) have joined forces to provide a service allowing companies to enroll their employees in wellness programs that support guideline-based medical care and have been proven to work.Founded in 1997, INTERVENT's aim is to optimize the health of as many people as possible by offering affordable and cost-effective access to credible, evidence-based lifestyle management programs and chronic disease risk reduction services.

Through this partnership, CardioSmart@Work will supply a network of multi-faceted resources designed to help prevent and manage cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors. These personalized resources leverage existing technologies to deliver information to employees the way they want to receive it and include:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Self-help lifestyle management and cardiovascular disease risk reduction programs
  • Lifestyle health coaching programs
  • Health-oriented messaging, including via text messaging
  • Incentive-based programming (both participation and clinical outcome driven)
  • Challenges and a vibrant active on-line community
  • Customized on-site health promotion programming
  • Robust analytics, data mining, research and aggregate outcome reporting capabilities
  • Health promotion and disease prevention consultative services for planning, development and evaluation
  • Special offerings for smaller employers(including for cardiology and other physician practices)

CardioSmart@Work provides personalized support for each individual which optimizes the chances of success and aids in the achievement of targeted goals. Primary areas of focus include:

  • Physical activity/exercise training
  • Nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Tobacco cessation (smoking and smokeless)
  • Sleep disorders/fatigue management
  • Cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, especially coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol/triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes/diabetes

CardioSmart@Work provides two core sets of interventions consisting of (1) coach assisted interventions and (2) individual self-help programs. Coach assisted interventions provide one-on-one counseling over the telephone and Internet to participants by specially trained non-physician health professionals. These sessions are comprehensive in nature and target multiple behaviors and risk factors in an integrated fashion. Individual self-help programs are web-enabled and typically target a single major behavior.

Together, ACC and INTERVENT provide immense expertise. This unprecedented partnership allows your company easy access to trusted resources and content for healthy employees and for those at risk, all integrated with each individual's regular medical care. Through the experience of INTERVENT and expertise of ACC we offer an invaluable program that has been embraced by mainstream medical leaders and proven effective among employees. For employers, our collaboration can be backed by a performance-based guarantee of success.

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