Become a CardioSmart Practice

Designed to be an extension of the cardiac care team, CardioSmart delivers a network of tools and resources intended to engage, inform and empower patients and caregivers to prevent, treat and manage heart disease.

Below are tools and resources for the cardiovascular care team to use in practice and to deliver to patients.

CardioSmart TV offers FREE educational content to our members’ practices to provide patients with the latest cardiovascular news, information on heart disease and procedures and messages on prevention. Sign up here.

CardioSmart Clinician/Patient Toolkit supports the clinician and patient relationship with educational materials, tools and resources to engage, inform and empower patients and caregivers. Please send a message to to sign up to receive the CardioSmart toolkit.

Education for Patients and Caregivers

For immediate access to some of the toolkit assets, you can download these PDFs for distribution to your patients and colleagues:

Download CardioSmart Brochure         Download CardioSmart Clinician Brochure         Download Rx Pad Brochure         

The toolkit includes:

  • Patient brochures on CardioSmart tools and resources
  • Posters for waiting rooms
  • “Rx Pads” to direct patients to information on disease states, tests, treatments
  • CardioSmart business cards to use for appointments

CardioSmart Explorer App for your practice utilizes high-resolution cardiac graphics and animation for clinicians to use at the point of care. Please visit the CardioSmart Explorer app page to learn more.

CardioSmart Vanity URL for your practice provides an easy-to-remember web address to direct patients to for educational and peer support. In addition to a vanity URL, we encourage you to place the CardioSmart logo and links to CardioSmart content on your practice's website.

How to Sign Up 

To sign up to become CardioSmart practice, please send a message to and indicate if you are interested in the tools and resources below:

  • CardioSmart TV
  • CardioSmart Clinician/Patient Toolkit – let us know if you would like to receive the first installment of the CardioSmart toolkit. 
  • CardioSmart Explorer App
  • CardioSmart Vanity URL 

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Practice name
  • Address
  • City/State/ZIP
  • Email
  • Phone
  • At your practice, who should we work with: you, the practice administrator or the clinic manager?

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