Mended Hearts Announces Partnership with the American College Of Cardiology

Dallas, TX — Mended Hearts, one of the nation's largest cardiovascular disease organizations, announced today it has reached a collaborative, multi-year agreement with the American College of Cardiology. The agreement will facilitate both organizations to expand cardiovascular patient support and enhance patient-centric care related to the nation's most prevalent disease.

The agreement will enable the two organizations to combine and share resources and will include joint advocacy efforts and integration of member activities.

"Through our unique hospital-based, patient-to-patient visiting program, we work with hundreds of thousands of heart patients every year and we're excited to be able to enhance our outreach through this partnership with the American College of Cardiology," said Gus Littlefield, president of Mended Hearts. "This partnership will strengthen the Mended Hearts offerings by enhancing the education and support efforts in the cardiovascular patient community."

Through the agreement, Mended Hearts will also participate and collaborate with the CardioSmart National Care Initiative, the ACC's patient and consumer education program.

"Patient-centered care has long been a focus of the American College of Cardiology as we strive to deliver the best outcomes and quality of care, and we hope to make the most of the synergy between our two organizations," said David Holmes, MD, FACC, president of the ACC. "We look forward to working with Mended Hearts and all our CardioSmart National Care Initiative partners to help patients achieve heart healthy lifestyles."

The two organizations have already begun to integrate activities as Mended Hearts participated in the ACC's 61st annual scientific session and ACC President David Holmes was the keynote speaker at the Mended Hearts 59th annual meeting in early June.

About the American College of Cardiology The American College of Cardiology is transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health through continuous quality improvement, patient-centered care, payment innovation and professionalism. The College is a 39,000-member nonprofit medical society comprised of physicians, surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and practice managers, and bestows credentials upon cardiovascular specialists who meet its stringent qualifications. The College is a leader in the formulation of health policy, standards and guidelines, and is a staunch supporter of cardiovascular research. The ACC provides professional education and operates national registries for the measurement and improvement of quality care. More information about the association is available online at

About Mended Hearts Mended Hearts is a community-based, nationwide heart patient support network founded in 1951. More than 18,000 members operate through 300 chapters and satellite organizations across the U.S., with one chapter in Canada. Recognized for its role in facilitating a positive patient-care experience, Mended Hearts partners with 460 hospitals and cardiac rehabilitation clinics offering heart patient support through visiting programs, group meetings and educational forums. In 2004, Mended Little Hearts was launched to provide support to the families of children with congenital heart defects. The Mended Hearts mission is "dedicated to inspiring hope in heart disease patients and their families." To locate a chapter call 1-888-432-7899 or visit